Friday, 22 August 2014

Elegant rope jewellery

 Elegant rope jewellery NOT my usual style but loving making them

As most of you already know my favourite metal to work with is copper
twisting, hammering, wire wrapping  and so much more , well those who know me better also know Im an Aries never satisfied with what Im doing always wanting to learn something new !!!

  Ive had a few requests for jewellery made with  rope something I had never thought of making so far because well its not what Im used to doing and I feel like Im cheating not having to make all the components from scratch  ...I went and bought  different colours of rope ( I think its called climbers rope ) I didn't know there were so many colours to choose from .Then I had to get the end caps and different things to attach to the designs I had in mind to make ..

I couldn't wait to get started as soon as I got home I laid everything out  on my work bench trying to figure out what went best where  ... Measuring the rope  cutting it adding the end caps then deciding on the designs to adorn the necklaces I was going to use jump rings to attach the butterflies and flowers I had decided to use but  they didn't  look right it made them look cheap ... after a bit of though I got out my fireline and hand sew all the components onto the rope now things started to look really nice I actually sold 2 before I even got them photographed .. the next day I went and bought more colours so I can start an autumn line  too lovely browns and copper tones
   Two beautiful hand sewn butterflies adorn this lovely soft peach rope necklace click the link to see

Three elegant flowers adorn this soft peach rope necklace click the link to see 
Triple layered gold and blue rope necklace click the link to see 

I will be adding more designs and colours very soon  Thank you for looking 
~~ Helen~~