Thursday, 3 April 2014

Crescent moon blue patina copper earrings

This is my first finished project using blue patina ...I was really surprised how blue they really turned out!!

As I said this is my first time using the blue patina .The shop I buy my supplies from gave me 2 bottles one to clean the copper and one to turn it blue ... first of all I cut out the crescent moon shapes out of copper  sheet metal then I hammered them to  give some texture ... Now to try out my new patina solutions SAFETY FIRST  gloves on mask on !!
 I used the cleaning one first (there is no info on the bottles so I don't know the make or exactly what's in them Google blue patina I'm sure you will find plenty of makes  )
I left it in the solution for a couple of mins then removed and rinsed it ... I only wanted one side to become blue so I used a small brush to apply the  second solution that gives it the blue colour  ,I left it on for a about 2-3 mins  then took it out of the dish and placed it on tissue paper top side up  ...Now the fun thing with this patina is it doesn't go blue straight away , you have to wait as it dries and mixes with the oxygen in the air it slowly starts to change  first it seemed like a light green then slowly turned into this amazing blue colour .... the minute you are happy with the colour you have to seal it to stop  it changing and losing its lovely colour .... I would think protectaclear  would be the ideal  sealant for this kind of project ... It has to be something that is ok to touch your skin ...
    To set these earrings off  I've  added some lovely czech glass seed beads ,blue crystal beads and some copper daisy spacers ..

You can find these earrings in my etsy shop in the link below ..Thank you  for taking a minute to  read my blog  ♥
                                 Crescent moon blue patina earrings

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sexy copper circle necklace

 This  sexy copper circle necklace was fun to make ....

I started by using copper wire twirled it around a mandrel so all the circles would be the same
cut them then filed the ends ... This is a must when you want to solder them together they have to be straight to get a good connection ...
  Playing with my micro torch is so much fun "SAFETY FIRST " then fun ...  I used it to solder all the circles together .The best part really is when I get to use my hammer yes you guessed it I hammered each circle to give them texture .Well now it's time to make the little jump rings to hold the circles together again I used the same technique as before winding the wire round a mandrel can use anything even a pen or do it  like me  I use one side of my round nose pliers just make sure every time you are winding at the same place so they are all the same size !!  Now I  cut them and hammered  them a bit I use my cutters make sure each side is even ,if you have flush cutters its even better most of my tools are out of my hubby's tool box no fancy things here :)
  So  now I have everything cut filed and hammered I started to join the circles using the jump rings I just made  ..The next step was to give it a nice warm patina  ..

At this stage I thought It looked a bit bare so I decided to add a few storm grey crystal pearls so I wire wrapped them into the circles that dangle down .. to finish it all off I made a lovely copper hook clasp and joined it all together with a lovely distressed red leather necklace !!
You can find this necklace in my etsy shop here is the link