Saturday, 9 November 2013

Featured Artist ...3

Todays Featured Artist is  Szarka 

I'm sure most of you have already met her in cyber land ...  Now where should I start ... I first met Szarka when I found her amazing web site MAGPIE GEMSTONES . Not only does she and her family  have amazing gemstones and years of experience there was something else that surprised me so much  ,It  was as if I had just walked into a local corner shop and not an online store  ,you know that warm safe feeling you get when the shop owner /assistant smiles at you  ,talks to you  and actually helps you without just thinking of how to make a sale .Well that is what Szarka is all about she is an amazingly talented  artist /person ..who shares her talents and knowledge with everyone you can see many of her FREE jewellery tutorials  .

 Szarka also makes amazing Jewellery  Szarka's Artisan couture jewelry  ..

Here is one of here Amazing pieces of work !!!

other links to Szarka and magpie gemstones 
There are also two amazing groups curated by Szarka and magpie gemstones