Monday, 11 November 2013

My new adventure with Whitby Jet

Until a few months ago I hadn't even heard of Whitby Jet ... Now I'm in love with it !!!

A little bit about what is whitby Jet !!

 Whitby Jet  is the fossilized wood of the Monkey Puzzle tree over 180 million  years old .It's  a mineraloid and not a mineral  because it has an organic origin .  Whitby Jet  is found only in the English town of  Whitby  .. thus it's name. 

It's know  to be used to make jewellery and objects for  thousands of years The oldest piece found ,a model of a damsel fly lava has been dated back to 10.000BC 

 ... Later there have been many pieces found from the Roman period , jet became very popular during the reign of queen Victoria It was used as mourning jewellery because of its colour .It also became very popular in america  in the 1920's they would wear long multiple strands of  beads .... now it is used for beautiful elegant jewellery set in silver ,gold or even copper ..
I am really enjoying  my new adventure learning to create with Whitby Jet ... My mum who lives in the U.K bought me lots of little pieces of whitby jet and brought them over when she came on holiday  . As a restless artist I love to learn new techniques and use all kinds of materials so this was a new challenge for me ....
 I slowly found how to shape ,file and polish these new stones I must say it does take a good few hours to polish but the shine is amazing considering how they look before .... well see for yourself  here are my first two pendants and as I said I'm still learning ♥

Many believe jet can protect you from the evil eye and that it absorbs negative energy .. I must say working with it did give me a fuzzy feeling but maybe that was from the dust  You have to wear a mask when cutting and filing don't want 180 million year old dust in your lungs .. :)

 Thankyou for reading my blog I would love to hear anything you have to say so do please comment below or come find me on facebook ... lots of crazy love to all HELEN ♥

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Featured Artist ...3

Todays Featured Artist is  Szarka 

I'm sure most of you have already met her in cyber land ...  Now where should I start ... I first met Szarka when I found her amazing web site MAGPIE GEMSTONES . Not only does she and her family  have amazing gemstones and years of experience there was something else that surprised me so much  ,It  was as if I had just walked into a local corner shop and not an online store  ,you know that warm safe feeling you get when the shop owner /assistant smiles at you  ,talks to you  and actually helps you without just thinking of how to make a sale .Well that is what Szarka is all about she is an amazingly talented  artist /person ..who shares her talents and knowledge with everyone you can see many of her FREE jewellery tutorials  .

 Szarka also makes amazing Jewellery  Szarka's Artisan couture jewelry  ..

Here is one of here Amazing pieces of work !!!

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