Monday, 16 September 2013

Featured artists .. 1

Today I would like to introduce you to my first blog featured artist .

The one and only amazingly talented Vicki Diane from  Vicki Diane Designs .

 If you are one for Bold ,funky and hot hot hot  jewellery you will love what she has for you check out her Vicki Diane ETSY SHOP  !!!
 Vicki Diane is a multi talented artist as you can read here in her etsy shop about .

 I became friends with Vicki through her etsy Meet the artists exposed treasury link ,an amazing non stop rotating treasury where she promotes etsy artists, a treasury that has over 58000 views , yes I know WOW 58000 !!
 Vicki loves promoting others on facebook,twitter,pinterest  she is everywhere  ♥

This is one of Vicki's latest gorgeous designs

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Spiral beaded violet bracelet

Beautiful russian spiral stitch beaded bracelet finished with not one but two real 4mm faceted garnets ....
these tiny beads take many hours of work and love to become this adorable bracelet for you to wear and look amazing !!!
Click the link here to see or buy this item spiral beaded violet bracelet
measures approx 19 cm ~~ about 7 1/2 inches

Click the link here to see or buy this item spiral beaded violet bracelet
size 11 higher metallic violet seed beads
size8 galvanized sweet blush beads
finished with a two garnet fastner
beaded with 6 lb durable beading fireline
Quality Seed Beads manufactured By TOHO Co., Ltd.

swarovski gold pearl right angle weave bracelet

Swarovski pearl bracelet 

A gorgeous handmade gold tone swarovski pearl bracelet all beaded together using strong fireline beading thread .This looks absolutely amazing on  the shine these beads have are out of this world .

Click this link to see or  buy from my etsy shop swarovski pearl bracelet

Click this link to see or buy from my etsy shop swarovski pearl bracelet
measures approx 21 cm with the fastner
beads used 
8mm gold pearl Crystal glass swarovski elements 
3mm bronze bugle toho beads
11/0 galvanized gold round miyuki seed beads

strong 6lb fireline is used for this bracelet
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